Day 2 – mixed blessings / 歲月不饒人

   This morning I woke up feeling tired and horrible. My nemesis nasal allergies seem to be winning the battle. Simple Claritin is not enough.  Also, as I age, the effect of a bad night's sleep is much more pronounced. I'm aching all over. 腰酸背痛.      Having said that, life goes on. I got … Continue reading Day 2 – mixed blessings / 歲月不饒人

Token of appreciation

Nothings warms your heart quite like a nicely coloured note at the end of the day. Lately, I've been feeling disheartened about my grade 8s. One class in particular has been especially bad at handing in their projects. I don't blame them really, as they are bombarded with tests, homework and god-knows-what. It's always nice to be … Continue reading Token of appreciation

Tears, joy, and the use of Kahoot for learning!

With only 10 weeks left in the school year, I've already started my countdown. After all, this summer presents another major change in my life - I'll be joining/fulfilling my military service obligation in Taiwan. I've applied for the Substitution Service, a governmental program that enlists military-aged men in Taiwan to serve the community in … Continue reading Tears, joy, and the use of Kahoot for learning!