Token of appreciation

Nothings warms your heart quite like a nicely coloured note at the end of the day. Lately, I've been feeling disheartened about my grade 8s. One class in particular has been especially bad at handing in their projects. I don't blame them really, as they are bombarded with tests, homework and god-knows-what. It's always nice to be … Continue reading Token of appreciation

#GIESummit – time to google it up!

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending a work-sponsored Google Apps for Education workshop on using technology in the classroom. Let me start off by saying this whole work-sponsored PD is new to me and I gotta say I love it! Registration, food, transportation, and accommodation are all reimbursed from a personal PD budget. … Continue reading #GIESummit – time to google it up!

Tears, joy, and the use of Kahoot for learning!

With only 10 weeks left in the school year, I've already started my countdown. After all, this summer presents another major change in my life - I'll be joining/fulfilling my military service obligation in Taiwan. I've applied for the Substitution Service, a governmental program that enlists military-aged men in Taiwan to serve the community in … Continue reading Tears, joy, and the use of Kahoot for learning!

The Results Are In! Student Feedback …

One thing I picked up from my teaching practicum is gathering student feedback. I made questionnaires for the students to fill out and that helped me recognize areas to improve on. One major feedback from my very first questionnaire was a quarter of the students felt my Math lessons were too rushed. I adjusted accordingly and it … Continue reading The Results Are In! Student Feedback …

Jia Ming Lake Hike 圓夢嘉明湖 2014/2015

One of the many things that set Kang Chiao apart from other schools is the focus on extra-curricular activities. Each grade level has a special event: Singapore Trip, Sun Moon Lake swim (泳渡日月潭), Jia Ming Lake hike (圓夢嘉明湖), Cross-Island walk (橫跨中橫), and Round-Island biking (單車環島)...etc. It is really quite an impressive list. This year I … Continue reading Jia Ming Lake Hike 圓夢嘉明湖 2014/2015