“[Educate] always, if necessary, use words.” – an adaptation of St. Francis’s original quote

Joseph Jeng C. Sun
B.Ed. – Elementary
B.A. – Psychology
BC Certified Teacher

Professional Experiences

  • Gr 7- 8 English Teacher, Kang Chiao International School | Taiwan 2015
  • Grade 4 Teacher, Khalsa School Vancouver |Vancouver, Canada 2013
  • Practicum Teacher, MacCorkindale Elementary School |Canada 2011/2012
  • Elementary Teacher, Ostrog Elementary | Ukraine 2007
  • English Teacher, Peppy Kids Club | Japan 2008
  • Personal Educator, BrainBoost Education | Vancouver 2012
  • Teacher Leader, Care Point Community Initiative, AMICAALL | Swaziland 2009
  • Alternative Service Placement, XinGuang Elementary School | Hsinchu, Taiwan 2016

Teaching Philosophy: Teaching can be one of the most rewarding careers. With the right school environment and tools, teachers can model and assist in the socio-emotional development of children. This in turn will shape the future and improve society as a whole.