“You’re too young” – a valid critique?

I decided to do an end-of-the-semester student survey. This way, if there are any concerns and/or valid suggestions, I can address them now in the final month. A few comments stood out. I can't but gravitate toward this comment. "You're too young", said one student. Part of me wants to address this concern and help … Continue reading “You’re too young” – a valid critique?

Mr. Sun Returns!

A year of traveling the world comes to an end and I have to return to a normal working life at some point. Going back to my previous school, KCIS, seems like the most logical step, and, thankfully, they are happy to have me back! So it begins. School year 2017/2018. It warms my heart … Continue reading Mr. Sun Returns!

Jia Ming Lake Hike 圓夢嘉明湖 2014/2015

One of the many things that set Kang Chiao apart from other schools is the focus on extra-curricular activities. Each grade level has a special event: Singapore Trip, Sun Moon Lake swim (泳渡日月潭), Jia Ming Lake hike (圓夢嘉明湖), Cross-Island walk (橫跨中橫), and Round-Island biking (單車環島)...etc. It is really quite an impressive list. This year I … Continue reading Jia Ming Lake Hike 圓夢嘉明湖 2014/2015