“You’re too young” – a valid critique?

I decided to do an end-of-the-semester student survey. This way, if there are any concerns and/or valid suggestions, I can address them now in the final month.
A few comments stood out. I can’t but gravitate toward this comment. “You’re too young”, said one student. Part of me wants to address this concern and help the student discern the difference between being “inexperienced” and being “young”. That a valid critique would be the former, instead of the latter. Age is something that one cannot change, and should not be a metric at which teaching is evaluated. Of course, this would create unnecessary tension in the class and make the survey the opposite of anonymous. So I did not.
I would prefer “inexperienced” over “too young” any day. By the way, I’m not even that young. I just look young 😛
Of course, I also cannot help but read the encouraging comments over and over again. This one made my day:
“This semester I learn a lot of thing, the class is very fun. I like English class, because the teacher is nice. Our work is not hard, it’s easy to finish it. We read many story and watched a lot of video. English class is very cool, we don’t need to use textbooks, just use an iPad or computer. I like this class very much. In English class, I learn many knowledge, I know about history and other countries stuff. I think this class doesn’t like other school’s English class, it’s more fun and useful. That’s all.”
5 weeks to go.

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