Introducing for the very first time

Introducing for the very first time on this blog, Mr. & Mrs. Sun! Yes, Stella and I tied the knot end of last year. There was no ceremony, no banquet, not even an organized dinner with all family members present. WHAT? yes, you heard right.

After much discussion between the Mrs. and I (gosh, it feels funny saying that), and lots of back and forth with our parents, it slowly boiled down to a hassle free, worry free, let’s-focus-on-living-our-lives type of wedding.

It was a sweet affair. Going to the registrar office, doing the paperwork, visiting our parents and grandparents. Bowing, smiling, laughing, getting red envelope money. It’s not for everyone but I’m so glad it happened this way! We got to spend quality time with each of our family members -listened to their words of advice and received their blessings and good wishes. No stranger/ distant relative that you meet for the very first and last time. No lavish decorations and oversized foods.

So here it is, the beautiful Mrs. Sun.

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