Day 3 – innocence and the gentle breeze 

Thanks to the wonders of Claritin and maybe my body getting used to this place, I had a good night’s sleep. And I’m much more able to absorb and take this place in. 

As I sit on the side and watch the local kids play basketball, something occurred to me – how easy it is for the kids to play. 

They play and they joke and they diss each other but no one ever goes too far. They are so much better at playing together. Unlike city kids who may be coddled at home with one or no siblings, these local kids are very used to playing together. They help each other, they tend to the young, and they simply just get along. Such a refreshing thing to see. No need for supervised play. No need for conflict resolution. No fighting.

 Perhaps the aboriginal culture also have something to do with this (don’t mean to generalize here). I’ve been told the people here are better at sharing and the idea of communal goods is more prevalent here. 

Can you feel the gentle breeze? 

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