Day 2 – mixed blessings / 歲月不饒人

This morning I woke up feeling tired and horrible. My nemesis nasal allergies seem to be winning the battle. Simple Claritin is not enough. 

Also, as I age, the effect of a bad night’s sleep is much more pronounced. I’m aching all over. 腰酸背痛.   
Having said that, life goes on. I got the chance to read next to this view this morning. Picked up this book at 博幼基金會’s library. 

 The booked is a compilation of multiple renowned and successful people in Taiwan – each detailing the impact and importance of reading. Makes me want to dedicate more time to reading. 

The students put together a very successful day camp for the kids. The took ideas from a Hoby summer camp that they attended last summer and incorporated through ou the day. I was very impressed with their organization and leadership. As the guidance teacher, of course I stopped and gave a few pointers along the way. But thinking back, I don’t think I reached their level of summer camp leadership until first or second year university. 


The student leaders also gave structure one-on-one lessons targeting foundational math or English skills for the kids as part of their summer remedial learning.  


I’m very impressed! More to follow. 


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