Tears, joy, and the use of Kahoot for learning!

With only 10 weeks left in the school year, I’ve already started my countdown.

After all, this summer presents another major change in my life – I’ll be joining/fulfilling my military service obligation in Taiwan. I’ve applied for the Substitution Service, a governmental program that enlists military-aged men in Taiwan to serve the community in ways other than the standard military training. Not surprisingly, I’ve applied to work with the Education Ministry in Taiwan. Hopefully I get a nice cushy job teaching English to the public school students in Taiwan (I wish!).

So with only 10 weeks left at this beautiful school, I have decided to make the most out of everyday here. I’ve taken the time to enjoy the scenery, the picnics, the gardens, and the great view from my desk every chance I get. Lessons continue as usual with the right vocabulary to learn, the stories to read, and the quizzes to give. However, I try to make the lessons as engaging as possible, switching things up every so often.

The morning was a bit of a downer as I dealt with the issues that teacher regularly struggle with everyday – engaging the students, reminding them, teaching them, disciplining them…etc. (There was no actual tears but I just wished those students could get their act together!) The afternoon, however, I had one of those proud moments where everything went as well as any teacher could possibly hope for.

Students were engaged (even the ones who usually aren’t). They had fun and joked with each other while completing the task at hand. They asked questions and seemed genuinely focused on making the best review questions they could. Perhaps it was the weather or the lunch was extra yummy today, or maybe it was the movie Holes (we finished it during the first class) – for whatever reason, even the ones that typically needed gentle reminders were completely immersed in making kahoot questions.

What a great period!

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