Classroom Idols?

Small Success, Great Implications.

Ever since the boy shared the “Mr. Sun” Song, Morning Pages exercise has become one of my favourite activities to do with the class. The students have crossed over the invisible boundary of formal writing so ingrained in our education system, and became creative with their free write!

Yesterday, a girl shared a song she wrote about Angry Birds. Both the tunes and the lyrics were playful and creative. Another girl made up a language to go with a familiar tune. One thing led to another, before I knew it, the Morning Pages sharing session broke into a talent show (This is partly encouraged by the fact that the alternative was a spelling worksheet). A group of boys came to the front of the class and sang the song Payphone. Another duo came up and recited a cheer they had made up. It was truly wonderful and so much fun!

I am almost certain that level of voluntary, creative performance would not have happened in a structured fashion. That natural progression of having one student go that extra step, and another follow suit and just be a little more brave is exactly what we (or I) want in my classroom! This is the result of 4 weeks of Morning Pages sessions where students were able to share whatever they had written in a safe environment that I had created (self pat on the back).

When a LA activity can transform and end up covering objectives in music, drama, health & career (respect and anti-bullying) all the while being a ton of fun, what more can I ask for?

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