To be political or not to be?

For better or worse, I have become increasingly more political over the past few years. Perhaps it is a sign of aging and maturity, or perhaps it is simply a by-product of social awareness, or perhaps even a direct result of the teacher’s program at UBC – I have begun to embrace this new side of me.

– Online petitions: Yes

– Emailing MP: Yes.

– Doing more: maybe

I sometimes even bother showing up at rallies if I happen to be bored at the time. But to what extent? I am put off by people who try to convince me to conform to their ideology and god knows I have angered people and damaged a great many friendships trying to do just that. To take it further, how does this translate to the professional arena of teaching? As a heavily unionized profession in BC, teachers form  a political force to be reckoned with. But there are so many things one ought not to say as a teacher.

– You cannot bad mouth the union.

– You cannot discuss another colleague (gossip).

– You get in trouble for displaying cartoon images  of Yertle the Turtle.

I do not want to get in trouble and I do not want to be labelled a “radical“, but this cartoon by Franke James is simply too good pass up.

2 thoughts on “To be political or not to be?

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