Standard 5: Effective Teaching Practices

Educators have the knowledge and skills to facilitate learning for all students and know when to seek additional support for their practice. Educators thoughtfully consider all aspects of teaching, from planning through reporting, and understand the relationships among them. Educators employ a variety of instructional and assessment strategies.

This artifact is a screenshot of a text message conversation between my school advisor and I.

Throughout practicum, I was in constant communication with my school advisors regarding planning, pedagogy, behaviour management, and the assessment process. When unsure of my lesson plans or assessment strategies, I voiced my concerns and my school advisors would offer their ideas, helping me reach confident decisions. For example, I was unsure how to respond to students using the blog site for off-task activities such as socializing with each other using the ‘post’ feature on an online blog I had set up for my opinion-writing unit. After consulting with my school advisor, we talked to the class and reiterated the guidelines, ensuring clear communication of what my expectations were for this blog.

In addition to regular discussions with my school advisors, I also frequently communicated with other educators in the school including School Student Support Workers (SSSW), the Resource Teacher, other classroom teachers, and administrators. This level of collaboration was especially relevant given the open area learning philosophy at my school. Teachers often borrowed ideas from each other’s classrooms when something caught their eye. One particular example was when an intermediate teacher heard that I had been using the iMovie app on the iPads in my class. During his prep block, he came and observed how I demonstrated the app and structured my lesson. Subsequently, I was able to gather ideas from his experience using the Garage Band app on the iPads. The end result was a great exchange of ideas and a pedagogical experience that benefited the students and improved both of our professional repertoires. It is my belief that the collaborative exchange of ideas and resources is key to the implementation of effective practices relating to “…management, planning, instruction, assessment, evaluation, and reporting”.