Standard 2: Act as Role Models


Educators act with integrity, maintaining the dignity and credibility of the profession. They understand that their individual conduct contributes to the perception of the profession as a whole. Educators are accountable for their conduct while on duty, as well as off duty, where that conduct has an effect on the education system. Educators have an understanding of the education system in BC and the law as it relates to their duties.

The artifacts from left to right are: my About.Me page, WordPress blog, and Twitter profile.

As an active member in my community, I understand fully the implication of my conduct both on duty and off duty. This not only applies to my behaviours in the social sphere but also my behaviours in the cyber sphere. In the current age of wide spread Internet use, I believe it is neither feasible nor preferable for a professional to avoid using online tools. Rather than avoiding social networking sites and other internet tools, teaching professionals should actively manage their online reputation to support their roles as educators in the community. It is important to effectively engage the greater school community in a manner which the conduct would have an positive effect on the education system.

When I started my long practicum in March, I decided it would be wise to start my effort to professionalize my online image. The first image above is a screen shot of a portal page, which connects people to the rest of my sites. The second one is a screen shot of my WordPress blog, where I reflect on my journey and personal growth. The third one is my Twitter account. I use this micro-blogging service to connect with the official Twitter feeds from Vancouver School Board, my practicum school, and my school administrator. All these social networking sites are great tools, which allow me to connect with my colleagues and communicate to the greater public my passion for the art of teaching.

I will continue to connect with other professionals and engage the greater school community in my efforts to become a better teacher and the best possible role model for the cultivation of honest, ethical conduct.