Standard 8: Contribution to the Profession

Educators support, mentor or encourage other educators and those preparing to enter the profession. Educators contribute their expertise to activities offered by their schools, districts, professional organizations, post-secondary institutions or contribute in other ways.

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Artifact: Pictures from UBC Faculty of Education Math and Science Fair 2011

Taking initiative and participating in something voluntarily was a great feeling. Two classmates and I took part in the UBC Faculty of Education Mathematics and Science Fair this year. We worked together and presented a fun activity where children shook cream and turned it into butter.

The whole process took up more time than we initially thought, but this did not deter us in the least as we were already invested in this activity. We worked collaboratively to form a general idea and a vision for our booth, and then delegated tasks accordingly. One of us put together a poster board, while another made colour flyers for our butter making activity. I was in charge of the logistics and correspondence with the people running the fair booth. Each of us played to our strengths and came together to run a very successful science fair. There were more than two hundred guests and we used up over two litres of cream.

I learned more as a facilitator than the children attending the fair. Upon reading the recruiting email for the science fair, I took the initiative to ask my colleagues to join me. The experience was extremely rewarding. I enjoyed the working process as well as the actual fair. I learned that we all had something to contribute, even as teacher candidates who are about to enter a profession. This experience was a great start of my journey as an educator who contributes to the profession.