Mr. Sun Returns!

A year of traveling the world comes to an end and I have to return to a normal working life at some point. Going back to my previous school, KCIS, seems like the most logical step, and, thankfully, they are happy to have me back! So it begins. School year 2017/2018. It warms my heart … Continue reading Mr. Sun Returns!


Stepping out of comfort zone – first dip into couple backpacking

We took a 1.5 hour bus ride from Santiago to the nearby and iconic city of Valparaiso, or Valpo as locals apparently call it. The journey was a comfortable with onboard bathroom. I was surprised at how quickly the bus entered what seemed like desert wasteland so close to the main city. With mountain ranges … Continue reading Stepping out of comfort zone – first dip into couple backpacking

替代役新兵訓練 - 成功嶺的鍛鍊與澄清湖的洗滌

一轉眼一個月就過去了。The past month is perhaps the most jam-packed month of my life. So much happened, so much to share. 成功嶺:worry, uncertainty, fun, adventure, new experience, military-like, summer camp, people from all walks of life, professional athletes, slightly annoying people, really annoying officers, getting yelled at for no reason, reflecting and learning the rationale, learning not to get … Continue reading 替代役新兵訓練 - 成功嶺的鍛鍊與澄清湖的洗滌